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Thinsulex Multifoil insulation have rebranded their Thinsulex Silver to TLX Silver this is available to buy from Insulation Warehouse in any quantity required. If your looking to buy TLX insulation then listed at the base of this page are some of our latest special offer prices, if the special offer does not meet with your requirements please do call our sales office on 01793 791010.

Thinsulex or TLX Silver is one of the most popular multifoil insulations on the market place and one of the only ones with BBA certification. This multi foil insulation can be used in new builds where the rafter installation depth is 100mm or 150mm, it is also widely used in renovation and refurbishment projects such as barn conversions and loft conversions or extensions above or below the roof timbers, as a multi-foil insulation it requires a 25mm air gap either side of the insulation to work effectively.

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TLX Silver multi foil is made up of layers of foil and foam and is approx 30mm thick and only requires either a 70mm rigid insulation board or 120mm of fibreglass insulation to meet a 'u' value of 0.18. As a radiant reflective insulation it can reflect 95% of radiat heat when installed correctly and as 70% of a houses heat is lost through radiation you can be sure you are using a top quality multi-foil insulation that will save you money on your energy bills and long term will more than pay for itself.

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Thinsulex silver is easy to install with it being rolled out and stapled to the timbers with a 25mm airgap either side of the multifoil insulation and allowing an overlap where the insulation rolls meet with every joint being sealed with the appropriate foil jointing tape to ensure a complete sealed foil covering. If your building inspector will not accept Thinsulex insulation then please do look at our other Multifoils.
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Thinsulex Silver TLX 12m2 per pack 2 pack for only £155.00 +vat (ref: THIN002)
TLX Silver
Thinsulex Silver TLX 12m2 per pack 4 pack for only £310.00 +vat (ref: THIN004)
TLX Silver
Thinsulex Gold TLX 12m2 per pack

1 pack for only £131.50 +vat (ref: THIN006)

TLX Silver
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