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Celotex Insulation Boards
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Kingspan Insulation Boards
Buy Superfoil Insulation from Insulation suppliers Insulation warehouse at cheap prices with a speedy 2 working day delivery service depending on time of day that the order is placed. Superfoil Insulation range covers high performance Multifoil insulations , foil covered bubble wrap insulation and thermal / vapour barrier membranes. These Insulations are recognized by architects and building control officers across the UK and any technical support required can be given.
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Fibreglass Insulation
Superfoil SF19+ Multifoil insulation at 45mm thick is made up of layers of foam / foil layers and is an ideal option for use in wall insulation and roof insulation applications. SF19+ can be used for both above and below rafter installations and can quite easily in combination with other materials or multiple use achieve current building regulation 'U' Values. This Insulation product is a reflective insulant and does require a 25mm airflow on either side which can be achieved with the application of timber battens.
Rockwool Insulation
Multifoil Insulation
Superfoil SF40 Insulation is made up of 36 layers, giving an installed thickness of 60mm and Superfoil SF60 (53 layers at 100mm overall) these Multifoil insulations as with Superfoil SF19+ are reflective insulations which aid in reflecting unwanted heat in the summer and containing by reflection required heat in the winter. As this product is thicker it requires less extra insulation to meet current regulations when used in roof installations which is useful if you do not have the rafter depth to install the required thickness of insulation boards such as celotex and kingspan, both can be used in wall insulation applications also.
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Superfoil SFUF is an ideal option for use when underfloor heating insulation is required at only 6mm thick when used in a non building regs project is a great spacesaving option, it can also meet regs when use in conjunction with other materials. Another great spacesaving insulation is the Superfoil SFBA2/2 6mm thick double foil / double bubble and can boost existing insulation values by the equivalent of 55mm of polystyrene and can be used in floor / wall and roof projects.

For any technical information please find below PDF documents or for prices or technical help please call our sales office on 01793 791010.

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Superfoil insulation suppliers
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