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Sun Tunnels are the ideal solution for bringing natural light into your property and reducing energy bills which in turn reduces CO2 emmisions. Sun Tunnels also known as Sun Tubes or Sun Pipes are relatively easy to install through the roof space and can be fitted into both pitched roof and flat roof situations with a variety of finishes from slate to pantiles and felt roofs.

Both Domestic and Commercial properties can benefit from a sun tunnel installation with the kits extendable as far you you require them to go, you can bring natural daylight into what may be normally a dark and dingey space and as the external fitting is just a simple skylight no planning permission is generally required.

roof diagram
Sun Tunnels for pitched roofs come both in a flexible kit for either flat finish roof material i.e slate or high profile tile finishes or sun rigid kit for optimum performance again in slate up to pantile surfaces. Rigid kits come in 2 sizes 350mm (14") and 250mm (12") whereas the flexible kit is only made in the 350mm diameter.
light entry into room
Sun Tunnels are also produced for flat roof systems these come in the 350mm diameter pipe only and comprise of a 1.1m flexible tunnel with a white PVC kerb and polycarbonate cover along with the same internal light diffuser fixings as the others.
flat roof sun tunnel
rigid sun tunnel
Sun Tunnel rigid kits comprise of 1no 620x2mm shaft made up from 2 elbow joints and 1 straight telescopic pipe, 1 frosted acrylic diffuser kit with white trim, 1 4mm toughened stay clean glass pane with frame and flashing kit.
flexible sun tunnel

Sun Tunnel flexible kits comprise of a 2m long flexible tube with the same interior and exterior fittings as the rigid kit. Sun Tunnell accessories are also available so for any prices or details on sun tunnels please just give our sales office a call.

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TWR 010 2010 or TLR 010 2010 250mm rigid kit sold each for only £POA +VAT ( ref: SUN001)
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TWR 014 2010 or TLR 014 2010 350mm rigid kit sold each for only £POA +VAT ( ref: SUN002)
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TWF 014 2010 or TLF 014 2010 350mm flexi kit sold each for only £POA +VAT ( ref: SUN003)
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