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BMD are proud sponsors of Jamie Butcher an up and coming young racing car driver from abingdon in oxfordshire. Jamies Season has just come to a close at the time of writing, where after a gruelling 10 rounds he finished a fantastic 3rd in the 8v Golf GTI drivers championship. Below are some of the race write ups from Jamie himself, We wish him luck for the 2011 season where he is aiming for first place.
    Jamie Butcher in action    
VW Golf GTI 8V Championship 2010 Rounds 1 & 2 Brands Hatch (Indy Circuit) Round 1 The Race was very nerve racking 35 cars into one corner some new drivers and novices never raced before.I got a good start over took off the line straight into 2nd then was in the chase for 1st position, by the end I had finished 11th overall and 2nd in class a great confidence booster.
Round 2 Started same as qualifying position as before so 13th overall and 3rd in class was a very tough race like a game of cat and mouse back a fourth from 2nd back to 3rd in the end didn’t quite get in but was really happy with 14th overall and 3rd in class two trophy’s in the first two rounds, what a start!!!
Round 3 Brands Hatch Grand Prix Circuit This was an amazing opportunity as club races don’t usually get to race these larger circuits, was more a 16v circuit as they have the straight line speed over the 8v cars hence qualifying 21st overall but 5th in class and in the race I finished 12th overall and 5th in class so I did manage to get past a few 16v car through the tight parts of the circuit plus a few 16v cars came off the track during the race.
Round 4 Castle Combe Circuit Car had new suspension and I Couldn't get it to handle correctly around this track finished 20th overall and 4th in class.
  on the starting grid   Jamie collects his 3rd place drivers championship award   Andy making some quick repairs to the car   cars snaking into a tight bend  
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Rounds 5 & 6 Cadwell park This is an infamous bike track with its very tight corners and notorious mountain where the bikes take off! So for 28 cars it’s always exciting,. Round 5 my nemesis car 42 was one car in front on the grid, the lights went out its go, go, go and car 42 shut the door pushing me towards the pit wall, had to brake hard and go for the other side up the inside for the first corner I managed to stay in front and finished 14th overall 3rd in class, Round 6 same start but this time I was just in front of car 42 and I done the same and kept 42 behind me, 7 laps in there was a red flag, one almighty crash one golf on its side in the tyre wall with another on top on fire, luckily both drivers got out ok but the cars were written off, so the race was finished there I was 11th overall and 2nd in class result.
Round 7 Oulton Park International circuit this was the track that last year I was involved a first corner accident were we had to re-build the front of the car and the rear.I finished 13th overall gained 9 places during the race and finished 3rd in class.
Round 8 Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit A very wet weekend Golf GTI Championship was supporting the high profile Britcar 24hr race I qualified 9th overall and 4th in class, the race got under way I was totally blind like all the other 35 cars was quite a scary race doing 80+ mph around all those other cars and not being able to see I was 3rd for the most of the race but last corner last lap I was taken we went over the line side by side so finished 10th overall and 4th in class.
Round 9 I finished 19th overall and 4th in class
Round 10 The last race of the season I sat down with my father and calculated that I only had to finish the race and 3rd place in the drivers championship was mine so I went out another good start and got up to 3rd pushing on and on the second from last lap I managed to out drag my nemesis into the bomb hole and kept 42 off till the last corner 42 got right up by the side of me across the line and yes! I finished 18th overall and 2nd in class!! I had done it. It had been confirmed by the officials 3rd in the 8v Golf GTI Championship 2010 and 5th overall. What a year all the hard work to get to every race meeting has paid off.
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