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Rockwool RWA45 is part of the Rockwool Semi - rigid and Flexible Slab range. This product range also includes Rockwool RW3 , Rockwool RW5 and Rockwool RW6 , these materials are made from high quality resin bonded volcanic rock fibre slabs.

These slabs are generally used where high acoustic properties are required I.E. recording studios , workshops where noisy machinery is used and also for dividing shops from flats along with many other sound insulation projects. These materials also have very good thermal insulation and fire insulation properties they are also water repellent giving the Rockwool RW range a wide variety of uses.

Rockwool RWA45

Rockwool RWA45 has a density of 45kg/m3 and as with the RW3 , RW5 and RW6 come in a slab size of 1200x600mm and in thicknesses of 25mm , 30mm , 40mm , 50mm , 60mm ,75mm and 100mm (25mm is a non standard RW6 size). Rockwool RW3 has a density of 60kg/m3 and is particularly good for use in sound studio situations for the absorption of sound in the lining of the building and also for use in acoustic splitters and the damping of duct noise. The next density up is 100kg/m3 being the Rockwool RW5 this product is recommended for upgrading fire resistance in concrete slab floors where it can achieve up to 2 hours fire resistance, also a good acoustic insulation as it is a denser product than the RW3 and RWA45. Rockwool RW6 has a density of 140kg/m3 which makes it the most dense of the Rockwool range of insulation materials.

All of the Rockwool RW range of insulations give great resistance to fire these slabs are bonded with a phenolic resin which is resistant to temperatures up to 230 degrees Celcius, these insulation slabs can be used at higher temperatures but some of the resin will be lost close to the surface. This range of insulation can also be faced with a 70g black or 100g white mineral tissue which is bonded using a binder which can increase both fire and acoustic properties of the insulation, making the Rockwool semi - rigid insulation range one of the best all round insulation materials for combined Fire resistance , Sound Absorption and Thermal conductivity. Faced materials are available to order and would need ordering in minimum pallet quantity amounts which would be advised at time of enquiry.

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Rockwool RW3
Rockwool slab insulation
Rockwool RWA45 1200x600x100mm (2.88m2)
1 pack deal only
£21.00 +VAT **
Rockwool RW5
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We have many other special offers on Rockwool RWA45 Please do call for any requirements you have.
Rockwool RWA45 is available along with all of the Rockwool insulation range of products from Insulation Warehouse so if your looking where to buy Rockwool RWA45 then look no further , please call with any enquiries or fill out our online form which we will reply to ASAP.
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