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Heat Recovery Systems and Ventilation Systems (MVHR) are arguably the most sustainable solutions for ventilating your house going forward as all of the other domestic ventilation options available rely on extracting your existing air from the property without trying to save any of the heat that has already been put into it. Installing a MVHR system in to your property removes the need for trickle vents in the windows or for making more breakout points and installing extract fans to bathrooms and cloakrooms. It also provides quality filtration of the air coming in to your property and allows for better security and reduced noise levels from outside into the property due to removing the need to open windows.

Our domestic Heat Recovery Systems are classed as System 4 whole house heat recovery systems under Part F of the Current Building Regulations. Our systems use "SAP Appendix Q" approved machines with low energy DC fans to ensure the best possible contribution to your "Code For Sustainable Homes" calculations.

HRV units can be wall, ceiling or loft mounted, with cross-flow or rotary wheel or counterflow heat exchangers many with automatic summer bypass, and can be many different sizes to suit the size and type of property being ventilated. Ductwork can be rigid spiral, flat channel plastic, semi rigid or even small multi bore and for best SAP benefit. Filtration can be F7 British Allergy Foundation approved filters or even Electrostatic filtration if required.

Our advisors, designers and installers have many years of experience in selecting, designing and installing the correct Heat Recovery system for your property. We will size and design your system, produce colour plans & 3D design layouts, attend site to check the details (if required) and assist you through the whole process to ensure the best possible result.

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For further information or prices or if your looking where to buy Heat Recovery Systems please do not hesitate to call our sales office on 01793 791010 or fill in our online Enquiry Form with your name and contact telephone number along with which products you are interested in and one of our sales staff will contact you to discuss your requirements.
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