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Filters are a key component in heat recovery systems. There are normally 2 filters in each unit - The first is to filter incoming fresh air from outside prior to delivering it to the air supply valves in each habitable room, and the second is filtering the extracted moist stale air from the wet rooms and is there to protect the heat exchanger block in the machine from any damage. It is important to check the condition of your filters on a regular basis, especially when you first use the machine, so that you are aware of how long it takes in your particular case before the filters become congested/dirty and need changing. You should always change filters in pairs if possible. We can supply you with filters for your machine when the time has come to change them, or if you specify an extended warranty package when you purchase your MVHR system then we will provide you with 3 additional sets of filters for your machine to keep you going for a few years!

It is a balance to select the right filtration level based upon the importance you place on, or the need that you have for higher quality filters. F7 Allergy Filters will filter out pollen and other irritants that will improve life for hay-fever sufferers. If you are in the centre of a city with a lot of pollution and diesel particulates in the air then you might decide to specific an Electrostatic Filter ( ELFI Filter ) which filters out almost all particles.

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Ducting for MVHR and MEV can be ordered in many sizes and types - rigid spiral or rigid PVC circular (100-120-160-200mm diameters), flat channel rectangular (Megaduct 220x90mm or Supaduct 204 x 60mm) and even smaller bore systems (oval 129 x 52mm or 208 x 52mm & circular in 50,63, 75 and 90mm). Remember the above sizes are internal sizes and you should always allow a further 5-10mm on these dimensions when cutting holes. Insulation normally adds an additional 40mm to ducting diameters.

Keep all duct runs as short and straight as possible as every bend can reduce airflow on the system, and you will always need space to turn ducting to drops - gentle curves are better than sharp turns for airflow. Remember that sometimes you will need a drop ceiling or to use Eco-Joists to get ducting routed to where you would like the ceiling registers. If we design a system for you then we will calculate all ducting required and put a kit of parts together for you, or if you just require ducting parts then please call the office for a price. We can also supply acoustic ducting and silencers, fire dampers and sleeves, and air valves & frames to complete your installation.

For further information or if you would like to buy MVHR and MEV Ducting and filters please do not hesitate to call our sales office on 01793 791010 or fill in our online Enquiry Form with your name and contact telephone number along with which products you are interested in and one of our sales staff will contact you to discuss your requirements.
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