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Fibreglass insulation supplies are available from Insulation warehouse for delivery across the UK, from standard fibreglass loft insulation and fibreglass cavity wall insulation to high spec wall, floor and roof insulation.

Fibreglass Loft insulation is a popular choice for a lot of older or larger properties where the loft space is not used as a habitable space, this is because it can work out considerably cheaper and easier to use fibreglass loft roll than a lot of other products available on the market today. At Insulation Warehouse we only supply quality loft roll insulation with top brand names such as Knauf (earthwool loft insulation ) , Isover and Ursa all of these come in rolls 1186mm wide and are perforated to split into 2x593mm or 3x396mm.
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Fibreglass Acoustic insulation is also available and comes in varying thicknesses and pack sizes, this acoustic partition roll is split for use in between 600mm wall studs and can give excellent acoustic performances. While generally designed for acoustic insulation within partition timber and metal stud walls this can be used in many other applications requiring acoustic insulation in your construction project. For more info on this product and other acoustic insulation please do give us a call and we will endeavour to aid you in the selection of the appropriate materials you require.

Insulation Warehouse are suppliers of cavity wall insulation products such as Knauf Dritherm 37 cavity insulation slabs along with Dritherm 32 and Isover cavity wall slabs. These fibreglass cavity wall insulation slabs come in varying thicknesses usually from 75mm thick up to 150mm thick and can be used for either partial fill or full fill cavity wall insulation construction. Fibreglass insulation materials such as Dritherm are rot-proof, odourless and will not sustain vermin or allow mould growth they also hold no vapour allowing vapour to pass freely through the fibres.

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Knauf Loft Roll Insulation 100mm 13.89m2 Roll single pack only £28.90 +VAT ( ref: LOFO10)
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Knauf Loft Roll Insulation 150mm 9.18m2 Roll single pack only £28.90 +VAT ( ref: LOFO11)
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Fibreglass Cavity Slab 100mm 6.55m2 pack single pack only £34.20 +VAT ( ref: CAVO10)
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we supply Fibreglass Insulation in all available sizes
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