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Insulation Warehouse are committed to trying to help reduce CO2 emmissions by providing Insulation materials at affordable prices for everyone. Whilst installing any insulation in your home helps to do this by matter of not using as much fossil energy to heat, you can go that one step further and use an Eco Friendly Insulation that is not only reducing CO2 by saving energy but is also reducing CO2 by nature of its manufacturing process. It is a great help to the enviroment to use these Sustainable Insulation materials so we try to make the prices as cheap as we possibly can. Please find just a few of the eco friendly sustainable insulations we can provide on this page although as our range is constantly expanding with new innovative ideas we do not always have every product we sell displayed so please do not hesitate to call our sales office if there is a product you are looking for.
sheeps wool insulation
Sheeps Wool Insulation comes in both rolls and batts and can be used in loft floors roofs and walls. This insulation contains no irritating fibres so is easy to use and is also very thermally efficient by way of that it not only retains heat but when it takes on moisture it actually generates heat. Sheeps wool comes from a natural resource making it a renewable sustainable insulation material and hence makes that extra bit of difference when saving the planet and lowering CO2 emmissions.
sheeps wool
hemp insulation
Hemp Insulation is another totally renewable and sustainable insulation material as it also comes from a natural source. Hemp comes in the form of insulation batts which are quite rigid and can be used in roofs, ceilings and walls, like the sheeps wool , hemp insulation contains no irritating fibres making it safe and easy to use. Hemp fibres are made from hemp straw a plant that absorbs massive amounts of CO2 whilst growing so it is reducing CO2 before you have even installed it.
hemp batts
supaloft recycled insulation fitting

Supaloft Green Insulation is a non itch insulation and meets all the credentials when you are looking for an eco friendly insulation , being made of 95% recycled plastic bottles it is not only helping the environment by using recycled materials but at the end of its life is fully recyclable itself. supaloft Green insulation is available in rolls to suit 400mm and 600mm joist spacing and in 100mm and 150mm thick and has a thermal conductivity of 0.040 W/mK. Please call or sales office for the latest prices.

supaloft green insulation roll
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Sheeps wool batt 75x390x1.2m pack of 12.64m2 101.2m2 bundle deal £POA+VAT (ref: ECO001)
Sheeps wool roll 100x370x6.5m pack of 7.22m2 86.64m2 bundle deal £POA+VAT (ref: ECO002)
Hemp 100mmx370mmx1.2m pack of 10.66m2 85.28m2 bundle deal £POA+VAT (ref: ECO003)
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