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Celotex Insulation Boards
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readymix joint cement
Drywall fixings and finishes are all available from BMD. Readymix Joint cement is a quick and easy to use alternative to bagged joint cement which you have to mix yourself, both are used in the final finishing of a traditional 3
drywall joint cement
stage joint process, this joint cement is also excellent to use if you need to patch over any screws,drywall joint filler is the secondary stage of the drywall jointing process and is applied to bulk out the joint prior to finishing.
drywall joint filler
collated screws
used by the trade are collated drywall screws these are joined together for specialist tool application. Drywall Nailable plugs are the solution for fixing thermal laminate boards and act just like a normal screw and plug.
nailable plug
drywall screws
Drywall Screws come in various lengths and types. The most common screws are the self tapping screws used for fixing plasterboard to timber or metal studs they come in sizes from 25mm up to 86mm. Also available and generally
Self Adhesive scrim or paper joint tape can be used in the jointing process for flat joints and internal angles prior to finishing and aid greatly in the reduction of cracks occuring in the joint. Where external angle are a product called Flex
paper joint tape
Tape or Corner Joint Tape is required. This drywall jointing tape has 2 non corrosive metal strips bonded to it to reinforce the external corner plasterboard joint. It is also useful on internal joints where the angle is not 90 deg.
flex corner tape
self adhesive scrim
Drywall adhesive is widely used for fixing plasterboards to a whole range of backgrounds it has the advantage over screwing boards up in the fact that it is much quicker when fixing to masonry, also there is very little making good after as there are no screws to patch over. This method is known as Dot and Dabbing as you apply the drywall adhesive in spots across the wall and present the plasterboard to spots of adhesive ensuring the board is level in every direction, the plasterboard is then ready for jointing / finishing.
drywall bead
drywall adhesive
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Drywall Adhesive 25KG Bag 1 bag only £10.20 + VAT (quote ref:DRW001 )
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Self Adhesive Scrim 50mmx90m roll per roll only £4.90 + VAT
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Drywall Fixings and Finishes any quantities Please call with all of your requirements and we will happily quote
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we supply a large range of drylining accessories.
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