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Celotex Thermaclass cavity wall 21 is the new Celotex ‘Full Fill’ cavity wall insulation solution. This board comes in 90mm , 115mm and 140mm thick and has mechanically engineered tongue and groove edges. Importantly this feature allows the insulation boards to interlock and aids with the resistance of moisture across the cavity construction. With it being a full fill cavity insulation this helps achieve higher ‘u’ values in the cavity than any partial fill celotex board. This thermaclass high specification cavity wall insulation board can help reduce the requirement of insulation fitted to the interior of the project.
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Celotex CW4000 is the standard cavity wall insulation board made by Celotex it is a polyisocyanurate rigid foam with foil on both sides of the board. This cavity wall insulation is designed for partial fill use and comes in 1200x450 sheets which can be easily installed between wall ties in a cavity wall construction. The low emissivity aluminium foil facings aid thermal performance within the cavity air space and the foam has zero ozone depletion and a low global warming potential. Celotex CW4000 comes in various thicknesses please call for information on stock availability as some are made to order .

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Celotex advantages

In summary these high specification cavity insulation boards are Lightweight have high insulation values along with low emissivity foil on both sides. Importantly are BBA Approved CW4000 for partial fill and Thermaclass 21 full fill cavity wall insulation.

For any information on the Celotex range of cavity wall insulation products or for the best possible prices please call our sales office where one of our friendly sales staff will gladly help.

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great deals on celotex cavity wall insulation below
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Celotex Celotex Thermaclass 21 1200x450x90mm please call for prices ( ref: thermaclass)
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Celotex CW4100 3.78m2 pack 1200x450 100mm 1 pack only £45.00 +VAT ( ref: CW4100)
celotex ga4000
Celotex CW4050 5.94m2 pack 1200x450 50mm 1 pack only £44.35 +VAT ( ref: CW4050)
celotex ga4000
we supply the full range of celotex cavity wall insulation boards
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