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Celotex Insulation
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Kingspan Insulation
Acoustic Insulation in many different forms are available depending on what your project requires from soundproofing partition walls with Ursa or Knauf acoustic partition roll or materials such as Rockwool with their Rockwool RWA45 , RW3 , RW4 or RW5 acoustic insulation or if your on a budget perhaps the cheaper option using standard Rockwool Roll or standard fibreglass insulation all of which will give varying degrees of sound reduction. Or perhaps your looking for a solution to reducing Sound transfer through floors where products from Manufacturers such as Karma Acoustics can be used with their sound reduction systems. These systems are made up of a group of materials that together produce an excellent acoustic solution especially where lifting the existing floor is not an option and space is a key factor.
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acoustic battenplus acoustic joist hood acoustic tripledeck acoustic mat

Many other different types of acoustic insulation are available in different forms many made from recycled materials such as Isorubber which is made from recyled cork and rubber which is an ideal acoustic floor insulation. Karma Acoustics overlay plus , tripledeck and acoustic battenplus which are made from timber laminated to 100% recycled chipfoam, so not only are you solving your acoustic problems but helping save the environment.

So if your looking for any type of acoustic insulation for your project why not give us a call with the relevant dimensions and where the acoustic insulation is to be installed and we will be only to be pleased to help with either a single item solution or a complete sound solution package tailored to meet your needs at affordable prices.

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Acoustic Partition Roll 100mm 12.36m2 pack single pack for only £47.25 +VAT ( ref: ACO001)
Rockwool RWA45 100mm 2.88m2 pack single pack deal for only £21.00 +VAT ( ref: ACO002)
Isorubber base 6mm 10m2 pack 1 pack deal for only £95.00 +VAT ( ref: ACO003)
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